About Café Otantik

Looking deeper into the diverse history and geographic influences of Mediterranean cuisine on modern culture, our journey began in several places long before the inception of Cafe Otantik.

From one village to another, our team not only sought the finest local produce, we also learned the complex techniques and science behind traditional cooking methods, and found design inspirations in our travels to create a concept that revolves around bringing the best of what the Mediterranean region has to offer.

We don’t just serve you great food. We take you through an exquisite dining experience where everything is tailored to please your taste buds and elevate the feasting affair. From garden-fresh ingredients brought about by meticulous culinary skill, every course feels like a special course.

Our Food

At Café Otantik, Fresh and premium ingredients were carefully hand-picked to ensure the consistency of food we so meticulously prepared. Anything that does not meet our rigorous quality assurance standards is returned. Once we have picked the best of the best range of ingredients, our seasoned ethnic chefs take on the uphill challenge of turning this wonderful variety of ingredients into scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine treating each and every ingredient with the utmost respect and employing top drawer culinary prowess.


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Our location: 10th street, opposite to Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi or us call +9712-681-2294

Opening Hours

Sunday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM